The Opening of the Dynamic Fountain Complex 'Forever With Russia' in Saransk
The Opening of the Musical Fountain 'Yaroslav the Wise'
The World’s Highest Indoor Musical Fountain has been Launched
The Opening of the Musical Fountain
The Amusement Musical Fountain Tornado

Our Team

Our team

We proudly present our united team, a team of people who are in love with their job.
What is the secret of our success? We just love to invent an incredible, to create an unheard of, to do the impossible. Fountains is our life, and we love to build them! Long-term experience of the employees of the design bureau and the design department of the company allows them to find the exact engineering solutions, thanks to which each project becomes an achievement of constructive thought.
Our own production line equipped with the modern machines allows us to guarantee the high quality of components and withstand the exact terms of objects' delivery.
We use the management system and software of own development, corresponding to the highest world standards.
Our engineers and high-qualified specialists provide a rapid qualitative installation and start-up works.
Thanks to the diversity of experience in the design and construction we can safely call themselves professionals and ensure that each fountain, created by us, will serve for many years. We are responsible for our words, so as the creation of new fountains is our favorite work.
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